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Watch this short video about YoungMentee. A platform where young people teach young people.

What is YoungMentee?

  • Online Learning

    YoungMentee is an online learning platform where young people teach young people about various skills that can be applied in school, work, and personal life. Our instructors and mentors are passionate about teaching and making every course fun and interactive. The recommended age group for our courses is 11 to 18.

  • Live Sessions, Games & Prizes

    What makes YoungMentee different from other platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare is that all of our courses are taught via Zoom. We ensure that students are engaged throughout the course and have fun with games and prizes.

  • Young People Teaching Young People

    Our mentors and instructors are made up of young professionals with years of experience working with youth. Check out their bio under the About Us page. Learn from some of the brightest minds who are up to speed with current information, trends, concepts, and technology.

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